How tight do you tighten castle nut on ball joint?

2021-02-02 13:06:25

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Need help with how much to tighten castle nut on ball jointThis is where I'm stuck - how tight do I put the castle nut on the ball joint? I couldn't find the torque specs anywhere in the FSM, and I don't want to over tighten it, 

Ball joint, how tight should the Castle nut be??? - Honda-TechApr 6, 2017 — I put it on, it's tight, but not 30 lbs. u shouldn't be able to spin it, but if i tightened it anymore, the pin won't go through the castle part of the nut Can you over tighten balljoint nuts? | Team Camaro TechDec 5, 2010 — Can you tighten a balljoint too tight where it makes the spindle tough to turn. I have seen them really tight and even to the point they would pop real loud Sry my bad explanation there.if just replacing a ball joint castle nut 

How Tight Do You Tighten Castle Nut On Ball Joint?
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E1 - - 127 mm - - - - -
22220 - - - - - - 2.441 Inch | 62 Mill -
22220 - - - - - - - -
E1, - - 0.157 Inch | 4 Milli - - - - -
22313 - - - - - - - -
32006X - - - - - - - -
32006jr - - - - - - - -
32006 19 mm - - 14mm - R1/8" - 24 mm
32002 - 7 mm 160 mm - 14.9 mm - 290 mm -
32002 - - 10 - - - - -

DID YOU KNOW? - MoogIt is vital to torque ball joint stud nuts Only the threads of the stud should extend through (castle) nut as supplied. 7. IMPORTANT: CONTINUE TO TIGHTEN

Aligning a castle nut with a torque spec to a cotter pin holeI would not back the nut off to align the nut with the cotter pinhole. Doing so can result in the taper between the knuckle and the tierod becoming loose. The cotter Ball joint castle nut torqued too far now whatJun 7, 2010 — Do i have to get new castle nuts and take off the spindle and re-do it? Are the ball joints shot now from being too tight? It sounds like you tightened the nuts too much, and pulled the joint too far in, which I'm not even sure is 

How Tight Do You Tighten Castle Nut On Ball Joint?
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Caslte nut on lower ball joints. How tight? - ClubLexus - LexusDec 8, 2014 — I think my issue is a loose castle nut on my drivers side. I just did finger tight and then backed off till i saw the cotter pin hole. I tighten by hand as tight as I can go and usually it lines up with the hole or I go a bit tighter til i find Lower Ball joint castle Nut Supposed to Be loose - RedditI've changed my lower ball joint and as I was putting the knuckle back on to the lower ball joint stem and tightening the castle nut, I realized … He's asking mechanics if he should leave steering components loose? it until the boot gets crushed against the metal, then it will be tight, but the the rubber will get destroyed

torquing lower balljoint castle nut - YotaTech ForumsJul 14, 2010 — Any suggestions on how to do this? Or how to tighten the castle nut without turning the actual balljoint? I thought about vice gripping the Castle nut on lower ball joint stud - how tight? - Moparts ForumsJan 14, 2015 — I have Moog lower ball joints that I am in the process of bolting to the LCA's. hole on lower control arm and tighten supplied nut 70-80 ft. lbs. torque. but if you are really concerned and want a definitive answer, you could